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Getting off of Seroquel

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Are you considering getting off of Seroquel or have you already?

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I’m desperately attempting to get off of both Klonapin and Serequil. I took both as doc recommended. He gave me Serequil so I could sleep a little while getting off of Klonapin.
I have depression, anxiety and PTSD. No problems the last 35 years, now I feel a mess. I have never been one to take drugs, so this is really getting to me.

I was taking Seroquel for several months. I’m sensitive to meds, so my highest dose was 50mgs. I was sleeping better with it when I started but soon realized that I was walking around in a bit of a fog and asked to try 25mgs twice a day. Same problem so I cut that to once a day, and still felt off after two weeks. Cut those in half, 12.5. Stopped entirely a week later.
I had a little anxiety and occasional hand tremors for a few days. The anxiety slowly got worse and the tremors went away. At about the same time my previous mental health provider had stopped accepting Medicare so I spoke with my primary care doctor at Mayo. We kept my Cymbalta and he added Wellbutrin. This is the best I have felt in years! I know the depression is still stirring around down there but I wake up feeling good about the day to come, almost a new experience for me. And my anxiety is greatly minimized. I’m very grateful to my primary care team, and I’m now looking for a new mental health provider.