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Maureen, Alumna Mentor (@alpaca)

Reconstruction for head and neck cancers

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I'd like to invite fellow members of the Head & Neck Cancer group to join this topic about reconstruction. @jeffk @lisa_sj99 @jtw96 @mrsjhagen18 @sylviapf @lzzie @loli @karly @trudivo @angelag @ssimons @deborahe @gaybinator @emmur16 @udderplace @carebear @hoppy @ileanabalcu Would love to get your thoughts on Maureen's questions.

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I was very blessed to have had a great team of doctors for my surgery. It took a long time, 20 hours. My doctor, who is the Head and Neck head at University of Maryland, is a maxillofacial surgeon: the dentist they sent me to at the University is a maxillofacial surgeon as well; the microvascular doctor was a plastic surgeon also. I do not look like a movie star, and sometimes I feel like I should consult with a really good plastic surgeon to take care of the imperfections; but then, at this point in my life, there are things that are more important to me. We, cancer survivors should be not only socially accepted, but admired.
But I know where you are coming from, and I would recommend anyone having head and neck surgery, to make sure they are having a team of doctors including a plastic surgeon that would help patients have the best opportunity to look socially acceptable after their surgery.
My sister was treated at the Mayo clinic in Scottsdale for jaw cancer, and she also had a fantastic team of doctors, including a dietitian. We, in the USA have many choices and great institutions.
Thank you Alpaca. You are a great example of being proactive and involved in helping others. Thank you