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I had surgery and was told but there was a 50-50 chance of it working. My particular situation did not work and cost an infection in my skull. I think it depends on each patients situations.

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Good day Brian, hope the infection is good now though. How long ago was the surgery and did it affect you by having more, the same or less seizures. Thanks for sharing your information.

First surgery was 2012. At first I felt a lot better finished my college. In 2014 lots of seizures found the infection removed most of the infection from my skull. Still have the infection but a lot less. If I hadn't gotten the infection it would have worked.

Hey Brian it's too bad you got the infection cause understand how great it would of been for it to work. Hopefully maybe to get the infection done can cure it. I want to thank you for sharing your story and message me anytime of any changes. Good to hear different stories as it's something I may go through.

Although I understand everyone is different and may respond differently but you may ask your Neurologist about Phenobarbital (largest selling AED) however most docs don’t like it since it’s a barbiturate. Personally I think Benzodiazepines are far worse. I was on Klonapin, a Benzodiazepines and about never got off it. Where as Valum & Lorazapam (both Benzos) have no effect. But that’s me. I hope the Keppra works out well for you.

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