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Lisa (@techi)

Throbbing in foot due to neuropathy

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Hi LIsa @techi,

I have times when I can feel what seems like throbbing but it's not really pain but more like tingling. I used to have it more often when I tried some really tight over the calf support stockings. I've found that I can't wear a tight sock at all and since I have clodhoppers for feet (size 14) most sox are 10-13 and I have to look for larger ones. I've recently discovered some really comfy ankle sox made with bamboo fiber. They are super stretchy and soft. I just ordered some of the crew socks made with bamboo fibers and rayon so am anxious to see if they help.

Is the throbbing pain in both feet?


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John mostly in my left foot. I had surgery for drop foot. The doctor prescribed tramdol but since it's an opioid l don't know how much longer. I use if for all pain since l am all allergic to all pain meds except that one and morphine. But if you can give me the information on the socks you are ordering l might try them also.

Here's the link on Amazon to the women's version of the same brand (Yomandamor). There are other brands probably as good. I saw a discussion on the Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy website (https://www.foundationforpn.org/) and bamboo was one of several types of socks that was recommended for people with PN or diabetic PN. The link below is just a search link on Amazon to bring up all of the ones of that brand for women. I got the ankle high black ones and they are really soft and comfy. I just ordered a six pack of another brand for crew height sox to see if they are better than my other sox.



Thank you John l will definitely look at them.

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