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Errol, Alumni Mentor (@duvie)

Lilbit Update

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Hello @colleenyoung, @hopeful33250, @sallysue, @rosemarya, @johnbishop, @juani, Thanks for the responses and prayers.
Lilbit is still not improving much. Liver is better. Kidneys are beginning to put out the amount of fluids given her which is a slight improvement but their doing what there suppose to do. Upper body swollen retaining fluid which means as her torso swells it closes in on the amount of spece the lungs have to function. The vent at the max for her situation. Heart struggling to provide enough blood to kidneys and probably other organs.
Last couple nights I can't seem to get hospital WiFi to work right. Sorry to have missed the Teleconference.

Hope everyone else is doing well.

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So good to hear from you, Errol. I hope your night brings you and Lilbit rest.

Good to hear from you Errol. Wishing you and Lilbit some rest and comfort today. Hugs from all your Connect team and friends.

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