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Errol, Alumni Mentor (@duvie)

Lilbit Update

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Hi @duvie
I just found this message. I'm not sure why I missed it. In case others missed it too, I'm tagging a few other fellow caregivers and members: @IndianaScott @hopeful33250 @rosemarya @johnbishop @sandytoes14 @gaybinator @karly @concernedmtnmom @flor

Sorry for the delay in responding, Errol, just when you need to hear from someone the most. This must be so hard for both you and Lilbit, and you still have Duvie at home to take care of. How is Lilbit doing tonight? How are you?

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Hello @colleenyoung, I was beginning to think I went into too much detail for Connect. I do appreciate the concern and understanding displayed by you, @rosemarya, @hopeful33250, and @johnbishop. It is indeed a hard time for family and myself.
Drs haven't found the culprit which led to her being here. Sleeping most of time and unaware of what's happening.
Central line in her neck, wires all over, arms, hands, fingers,and shoulders swollen beyond belief. Ankles and calfs basically normal which is normally swells. Kidneys not putting out enough of the massive doses of fluid their giving her. Badly bruised from all the needles where she has been stuck frequently. Being on blood thinners helps the heart and vascular but sure cause for easy bleeding situations especially during IV blowouts. Still on a vent with a lot of thick secretions being suctioned out.
The realization of the possibility of her not going home this time it hitting me hard. As a caregiver I feel I can be trained to continue to care for her needs. However, I also know that everyone eventually gets called up to the Lord. Her priest who has been coming to the house weekly came today to bless her and the religious picture which hangs beyond her head and watches after her.
Well it's getting long. like I've mentioned before, sometimes I got a big mouth and ramble on.
Never realized until now just how lonely and helpless one can feel while sitting with a patient.
Really appreciate all the prayers being offered.

Thanks to All

@duvie Errol:

I wish you much peace and strength for whatever you will face in the next few days. Please realize that you are never really alone.


@duvie, I’m thinking of you today.

Errol, Talking to others is a good thing to do. I remember when virtual talking was so helpful to my husband when I was 'down'. You do not have to be brave, either, because my 'just being there' is what she feels.
Virtual hugs are good, too.
Hugs and prayers.

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