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Hello @roewes07

So glad to hear that your surgery was so beneficial! It must be a real relief to be able to see without the prisms. I'm not very familiar with this eye condition. Can you tell us something about what causes it?

Also, I'm wondering if you were a Mayo patient before having strabismus and the surgery?

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I became a patient at Rochester Mayo in February of 2018 for a different condition that required a 2nd opinion.
I had researched "stabismus surgeons" after I had a failed surgery locally in 2015. When I initially called it was almost a year wait just to be seen. It was truly worth the wait. I had never worn glasses or had eye problems as a child. I started needed readers at 62 yrs. My strabismus was not caused by a stroke, diabetes, myasthenia gravis or thyroid problems. I was diagnosed with esotropia which was probably caused by problems with eye muscles or the way my nerves were not transmitting information to my brain. I remember the term "sagging eye syndrome" was used by my physician also.
But the final comment is……….I see only one image w/o prisms in both lenses! Life is so fine due to the expertise of my eye surgeon at Mayo Clinic!