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Hi, @roewes07 – I wanted to let you know that I moved your post on your strabismus surgery to this existing discussion on the same topic in the Connect Eye Conditions group so that you can connect with @ihatediabetes who has talked about it here before.

Sounds like your vision is really different now after the surgery, roewes07, seeing only one image without wearing prisms. Great your doctor who did the surgery offered you a Connect handout.

I also wanted you to meet a few others who have talked about strabismus on Connect, like @kristin1990 @rckj @claire1983. Thought they might be interested to hear about your surgery and how it turned out, and interact with you about it. I'd also like you to meet @johnhans and @hopeful33250.

How has your recovery from the strabismus surgery gone, @roewes57?

@ihatediabetes – how are your eyes doing lately? Is the prism film working well for you?

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Thank you so much Lisa @lisalucier for connecting me with others who have talked about adult strabismus. My recovery has followed the expected route. Eight days of 3 different eye drops every hour. Pain that was significant the first 24 hours but semi-controlled with Tylenol and Ibuprofen. Now almost 2 weeks later I only have to do RX drops 2X/day!! If any of the folks @hopeful33250 @kristin1990
@claire1983 @ihatediabetes @rckj @johnhans would like to text me, I am happy to spread my good vision!
@ihatediabetes I started out with prism films and then had prescription prisms in both lenses. Sometimes my vision would change every 3 months and I would have a prism film added and then wait for my new glasses. I could not have survived w/o the miracle of prisms!
I am now on a 4x day eye exercise program to keep my brain/eye muscles/nerves seeing only one image. I will never forget to do these exercises! Good wishes to all.