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Family making anxiety and depression worse

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Aug 31, 2018 | Replies (15)

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Well, I can say I am not alone with family stuff. I say nothing about my health and stay superficial. So far my 3 year old grandson adores me. This is a comfort.

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You're blessed to have an adoring grandson. I do not have grandchildren. I cannot stay superficial. I think I would explode or have another breakdown. Blessings.

@parus, As it should be. I have three and the oldest, a girl, wanted to hang with G (me) on the last day she was out of school. I was so excited that she wanted to see me instead of a play day with friends at the Y. I was not feeling great but played as long and hard as possible – God gives blessings when he takes away. After becoming disabled, mostly because my pain would not allow me to work and the pain meds make me unhirable, I was able to spend many days on the golf course with my Dad up until about 6 mos prior to his passing a couple of years ago. Days I am not sure I would trade for good health!

@liz223 Yes I am blessed. I have to remain superficial and passive or will not ever see my grandson again. Threats are cruel. Mostly it is the children who pay the price. Back to you on the blessings. I saw an American Goldfinch this morning starting to dawn it's summer plumage. I see this as blessed. Cold out and that little ray of sunshine outside my window was a blessing.

@gman007 You betcha! Yes He does.

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