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I have been going to the Mayo Clinic since 2002 when I was diagnosed with NETs – every 3-4-6 months for followup. I got a message that I was due for a visit in April so called to make an appointment. They could not get me in in April without scheduling tests for the end of one week and see the doctor on Monday. That would mean staying in a hotel for 4 days or more – expensive – OR traveling 4 hours one way to go home and return. I could not get an appointment in May because that calendar was not open yet and I was to call back at a later date. When I did call back, I was informed that the whole month of May was filled with ONLY chemotherapy patients and unless I wanted to wait until June, I would have to take the split appointments in April that I was first offered. I know how important followup is and I have been having a few issues with my condition so took the April appointments. What is going on there? I am not feeling the care/concern that may patients brag about.

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Hi Gaylejean.
I’m sorry to hear that you are not getting the schedule service that you had hoped for. Scheduling appointments is a complicated process. But I understand how the scheduling over the weekend poses a serious inconvenience and expense on your part. I’d sincerely encourage you to call the Office of Patient Experience, and speak to someone about your concerns:

Office of Patient Experience
Mayo Building, lobby level
8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday–Friday

Staff are available to discuss comments or concerns you may have regarding your medical care. Your experience certainly sounds like something Mayo Clinic would want to act upon. Let me know if I can help.

Mayo, like any other major medical centers are very busy, it has noting to do with you personally, and you should treat it as such and plan ahead, I've had four kidney transplants and I know how the scheduling goes, they should be able to give you an app. a month in advance and then you just have to go when they set it up ……4hrs. is not that bad, it could be worse and gas is cheaper than a hotel.

Charlie, rather a curt response to a woman who is distraught with pain and lack of medical support. Scheduling should treat EVERY patient as if they're the only one! Extreme lack of professionalism. Sorry for being so blunt but I'm not having such a good day myself.