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Kidney stones

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@tracilynn0418, Hi, Tracy, Like you, I started looking for information and help online when first diagnosed with stage 3 chronic kidney disease (ckd). It was a wonderful experience to find and join the Mayo Connect group about 10 mos ago. As a result, I've learned so much about how to better manage my life with this diagnosis. Making big diet changes based on my lab reports and learning to understand my labs and becoming much more proactive in dealing with the condition and the docs I see has improved my confidence and helped me past the very scary early diagnosis. I was diagnosed with kidney stones but was told mine were too small to treat at this stage. Of course, your situation is much different and I haven't yet needed to consider kidney transplant or dialysis but I can identify with how overwhelming finding answers can be. Are you a participant in the kidney/bladder forum? Are you seeing a doc or nephrologist regularly? I am so glad Mayo started the COVID-19 forum and the offshoot interest threads because they help keep me interested in things other than my several chronic health issues. I follow the walking, caregivers, just want to talk, and gardening threads. Are any of these of special interest to you? That you are continuing to work even with the discomfort of kidney stones tells me you are one strong individual willing to use the right tools to help your condition. This is a supportive, understanding group so hope you'll post again and that others more knowledgeable about your specific questions will respond.

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Yes my next appointment is due in August on the 19th and I'll have my regular 24 hour urine I must do before and I have to check to see if he wants bloodwork again he changes that sometimes right now he has me at every 6 months to be seen but Everytime I go in he reevaluates and of course if I have any problems I must go in sooner last visit I had ultrasound done because of the creatinine being higher then it should be but nothing different there was seen. I forgot to mention it's nephrologist I see I would only go back to urology if I needed a surgery I assume at this point because nephrology took over everything which I'm happy with because the urologist where I live I've used since they discovered my first stone and he was never really a nice man to me, so the less I see him the better because his partner that I liked moved and ya! I'll stick with no stones and liking my nephrologist! He does explain all my labs well so I can understand them. I work in assisted living so yes some of those groups would be of interest to me, I've learned so much about what all my residents are going through or will eventually of they are still better than me which some of them are!