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I have major depressive disorder and an anxiety disorder, never hospitalized or anything, just loss and trauma and I feel awful and I'm addicted psychologically / physically to 4 mg clonazepam and 60 mg duloxetine and weed (it's the only thing that relaxes me as I'm habituated to the clonazepam. Life feels so hard, addicted, and struggling financially, on Disability. Any suggestions for getting free of weed, how to taper off? Any ideas welcome. TY

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gman..Yes, Psychological is probably high on the list. I just never depended on it. But with the pain I have now, I am almost ready to move back to Oregon to get some. I know I can get it in Arizona, but I am afraid I would be arrested on the border of Texas. What a world. Something that can help us is illegal Remember God planted all herbs for our ingestion. Read about it. Marijuana make wonderful tea and everything. I am jealous of all of you who can get it

Well with the help I have gotten with Pain, I am almost ready to tell my doctor to stop everything, including the infusions and shots of Methotrexate. All that does is make me sick There is no cure, so what the heck are they doing this to me for. I feel like letter the drugs go for two weeks and see if I clear up. But, I would have to take Ibprophen for pain. Can't do that now with the other drugs I take. I am beginning to hate the doctors for making us feel so guilty when we ask for help for pain.

All I know Gman, is my pain was GONE. But when it started to wear off, you have to use the oil again. I slept very well in Oregon and drove with no incident. I had a clinic on every corner.

Every State might be different. Doctor from clinic states in writing why you need it. Thats it. Then for the strain you work that out. Maybe different in other states. Oregon was charging 400 or so for license to use and 250 for doctor. Each year the cost of license is due. Taxes are collected on the Marijuana sales. OREGON IS GETTING RICH by the minute. They have NO sales tax so they passed a special law for tax on Marijuana. We did not care My friend had MS and she is only alive because of the use of Marijuana. She was going nuts with the pain. Much like many of us I really mean it when I say this stubborn attitude about offering us pain killers will come back to bite the lawmakers.


I live in Oregon, and I can't possibly afford the annual doctor approval, the annual fee for the state, and then the exorbitant cost of the marijuana. It's a lot cheaper to buy it on the street, which is where we're being driven, in spite of the risks. The way I see it, people who have chronic pain, who can't get the meds they need and that are proven effective, are going to have to find alternative sources, legal or not, wise or not.


Jim. You are so right. We are all willing to do it legally. But buy alternative ways if we can't, other sources will be necessary. Did the govt actually think crimminals would stop the drugs? This world is so upside down.