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jeffb (@jeffbilsland)

13-Year Old and Reading Troubles

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Hi @jeffbilsland,

Welcome to Connect, and thank you so much for sharing your concerns about your son. It is so nice to know that you "would like to help (your) son enjoy reading." I have a 13 year-old reluctant reader too, but I think it's the excessive stimulation with all the technology that's the culprit in his case!

There are a number of conditions that doctors look for when it comes to such problems, the most common being dyslexia and ADD or ADHD
Some others are:
– Convergence insufficiency https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/convergence-insufficiency/symptoms-causes/syc-20352735
–Auditory processing disorder (APD): http://mayocl.in/2F9eQP1

@jeffbilsland, has your son seen a doctor or specialist? Does he have any physical symptoms, such as headaches, or constantly rubbing his eyes, etc?

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Thank you for your reply. We have tested our boy for reading by 2 separate people/organizations and he shows good reading skills and comprehension. ADD, ADHD and Dislexia do not seem to be a concern from either group. Yes we are concerned with technology influencing his abilities. We are focusing on him going too fast when reading and writing and he has confirmed that he does not want to slow down. He gets board with us and his teachers moving too slow and we are focusing on slowing him down. Any suggestions?