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My name is Loli. I started having heart palpitations when I was 30. I am 67 now, and have not taken any medication for it. I have had the recorder they connect you to twice. Nothing came out of it. So I have benign palpitations that come and go and sometimes they are unnerving, but that after 37 years with them, do not bother me that much. Many times I cough them away. I recommend that you find the source, and if there is none, just relax and live with them.

Hi Loli,

I’ve been living with it for years as well. I’ve had 2 extensive cardiac work ups and other than my heart beating fast, there are no physiological issues. My heart is fine. When I get my BP taken, it is funny to watch the fact of the person taking it. I explain it is normal and that it was looked into twice.

I have had infrequent heart palpitations. My doctor recommended avoiding all caffeine products (coffee, tea, sodas, dark chocolate, etc.) and alcohol. Now I only have  palpitations if I break the rules. 

Hello, my name is Charlotte, I am happy to join this group, as I have A Fib and am trying to control it. The information that I receive in the Mayo Connect is invaluablle, as it really helps to talk with someone who has experienced the same problems.

Hey there. I have lived with PVC’s for 40 years. Most times relatively tolerable during work or play. But, some times pretty bad. And, I feel everyone one of them. Skipping, jumping, fluttering, hesitating, floundering around and on and on. Started having AFIB episodes about 4 years ago, and PVC’s started getting worse and more frequent. Hundreds to thousands every day. On occasion I have a relatively good day. So, I have a couple of different issues. Still do as much as I can to help me relax. Still smoke, drink coffee and have a few beers on occasion.

Hi – thanks for the invite. My name is Sharon. I began having tachycardia in my 20s. My resting heart rate then was 120. Also started having palpitations then. Around the age of 23, I saw a cardiologist — wore a Holter monitor, and had an echocardiogram done. Basically I was told that structurally and functionally — my heart was fine but was hyperdynamic. I had the option of starting a beta blocker for symptomatic relief which I did start then. Prior to seeing the cardiologist, for a while there was concern that I could have Marfan\'s simply because of my body habitus but the echo was normal and that was ruled out. I was on the beta blocker for 11 years and decided to go off of it because I felt like it was making me feel sluggish. I was fine for a lot of years with only some palpitations but a generally lower resting heart rate. In 2013, I was at a Christmas sing and after the fifth song, was out of breath and my heart started beating crazily. I was evaluated and revealed some concerning ST-T wave changes on EKG — was placed on a Holter, echo ordered and stress test. It is crazy to have a stress test when your resting heart rate is already at 115. I remember they said — \"You tell us when you want to stop. We won\'t stop you.\" But finally (actually only after 6 minutes) — they said, \"Okay — I think that is enough\". It showed ischemic ST-T wave changes and I was sent to a cardiologist in Walla Walla. There I had a nuclear stress test which was very normal. The tech even invited me back to look at the pictures. Apparently, fifty percent of the time, with women, a regular stress test is false positive. But after all of this work-up, I still was having palpitations — lots of PVCs, PACs and even a nonsustained run of ventricular tachycardia. I was placed on the beta blocker metoprolol and am still on that at a very low dose. It does a pretty good job of keeping my rate down. The cardiologist told me I have a \"special\" heart. Gee thanks, doc.

However, in early 2016, my palpitations changed and were more in my throat or felt higher up, sometimes left me winded and I felt fatigued. Due to that change, a Reveal LINQ was placed. Not that I want to have something wrong, but since I\'ve had this monitor inside me — I have not had those type of palpitations. I\'m hoping that I do– just so it can be caught on the monitor. I am considering at my annual asking whether I can go off of the metoprolol and see how I do.

I don\'t love the Reveal LINQ because it moves around and isn\'t that comfortable.

Hi I'm Mark, I'm 54 and live in Plano, TX (near Dallas)…I guess I'm here because I want to know about pacemakers, but I might be the only one of the group that has no arrhythmia issues whatsoever. I'm considering a surgical myectomy to correct my hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). The kicker is that this surgery typically gives you left bundle branch block, and I am so lucky to already have right bundle branch block! So unless my heart's electrical system gets real creative, I'll have a permanent pacemaker after surgery. That freaks me out a little because pacemakers and other devices are typically part of the "negative" outcomes for corrective procedures for HCM, but in my case it would just be expected. My cardiologist still says myectomy is the best course and I do believe him, but since the decision is irreversible, it's weighing heavily on me.

I don't know anyone with a pacemaker and I'm talking to people to understand how it would affect my quality of life. So far the feedback is very positive. I'm very active physically, play tennis, snow ski, etc. Hoping to get back to running after surgery. Thanks for any feedback!

Hi Sharon,

My resting heart rate is also around 120, which makes everyone nervous. I\'ve gotten used to it since I have had it checked.
Funny, when I wore the halter monitor, several years ago, my heart rate was \'good\' from around 6pm to 5am. At 5am, it went up significantly and remained that way until around 6pm. I am sure you can figure out why. I arose at 5am to get ready for work, and by around 6pm, I had time to relax after work. So, work was not doing me any good. I really should wear a monitor now since I have been retired almost 6 years (lol).

My resting hear rate used to be higher. My doctor put me on the Metoprolol. After losing 90 pounds, my rate came down to 120. For about a year after the weight loss, I only took the meds when my heart rate went above 120. I now am off the Metoprolol. Because I am no able to take any NSAIDs, I take Crestor to protect my heart. I am really very good about it because of the positive impact it has on my heart.
Be well!

Hi @babs2519, and welcome to Connect. How long have you had these palpitations? And how do you control or stop them when they occur? We're so glad you joined the Community, and look forward to getting to know you.

Well, my resting is down on the metoprolol. At first was 55 to 60 but has been creeping up over the last year. Probably at about 80 during the day. Weight is not an issue for me although I did lose about 15 pounds over the last six months because of a diet change. It is just always so interesting that though are hearts are beep-bopping all over the place — that all is "normal". Really severe palpitations can be so disconcerting. So I really get it when people are anxious about that.

Hi, my name is Tim. I received a heart transplant 12 years ago. I have had 5 stents in my new heart and 2 years ago had a pacemaker installed because of a Brady event. Needed adjustment early on but doing well now. Taking meds to help regulate irregular heartbeat. Thanks for allowing me to participate.

@bjork579 Hello Tim

I see that this is your first post on Connect. Welcome! I am glad that you have chosen to participate. I am very impressed with all of the good cardiac treatment you have had, including a heart transplant. I'd like to introduce you to @rosemarya. Rosemary is the volunteer mentor of the Transplant discussions and has had two transplants herself (kidney and liver). I am sure she would like to welcome you to post in her discussion groups as well.

I look forward to reading more of your posts.


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