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Maureen, Alumna Mentor (@alpaca)

Teeth and Head & Neck Cancer

Head & Neck Cancer | Last Active: Nov 11, 2020 | Replies (5)

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That sounds so frustrating, Maureen, but I’m glad they are going to make you a new one! What a relief. It sounds like you are uniquely qualified to participate in the committee. Your feedback will be invaluable, I’m sure! Could you explain what the process is like to have a new plate made? I haven’t had to venture down that path yet. I’m missing all my teeth on my lower right, but US insurance does not cover any replacements that I’m aware.

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I know only about the partial metal dentures. It’s a 5 – 6 step process. First they make an impression of upper and lower jaw with some sticky stuff which will be a model for how to make the plastic plate onto which the teeth are fixed. Today I am going in for stage 2 but have forgotten what happens now – I think he’ll fit the plate and shave bits off it to ensure a snug and comfortable fit. Eventually they have to choose the teeth which is almost funny because even nice white teeth are different shades of white:) Some part of the process is making wire hooks to affix the plate to existing teeth.
I’m really interested in how people in other countries receive their dental care after cancer. Is it funded by insurance in the us, by the government in Canada and the UK.