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magnesium levels and epilepsy?

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Hi Searching71, welcome to Connect.
I have seen this question about magnesium and epilepsy management asked on other forums too. This review of clinical data seems to indicate that the relationship between magnesium and epilepsy has not been well studied.
– Addressing potential role of magnesium dyshomeostasis to improve treatment efficacy for epilepsy: A reexamination of the literature. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26313363

You might also be interested in this study
– Can magnesium supplementation reduce seizures in people with epilepsy? A hypothesis. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22406257

I’d like to invite @thoferer81017 @sam_nova @jktaheri @ahernandez @seancaden @bonnieh218 and @robertjr into this discussion to see if they have any experiences with magnesium or reducing zonisamide.

Searching71, congrats on feeling better with the diet changes you’ve been making.

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Thank you for including my thoughts here! I am a 44 year old that was OFFICIALLY diagnosed with Epilepsy 5 years ago.

I went back online and reviewed my last few lab results. I did not see where my magnesium levels had been specifically tested. However, per my neurologist’s suggestions long ago, I do take zinc, selenium, and magnesium. Low sodium is the main issue that I have had, seemingly due to the two seizure medications I take that are known to lower sodium levels.

I too try to approach my overall condition from a nutritional stance. I try to consume lots of salmon, avocado, almonds, blueberries, and coconut/coconut oil. I have read that those are some of the best foods one can eat for their neurological health. Nutrition affects all. “You are what you eat”, as Grandma always said (I guess this makes me a nutty fish, but kinda sweet!).

Unfortunately I don’t have any experience on these topics. I hope you find the information you’re looking for.

Hi Colleen,ive had grand mals for alot of years,my seizures have not been ina steady time frame ,might go few months then a year or so.As ive gotten oldermy consumptionof magnesium and calcium has increased,i also have copd and had cancer,which caused me to get other problems,evenwith these meds my grand mals have been incresing.From what ive read one theory is magneasiumdeficiency may be a cause,butif true my seizures should be less not more.In my life next to impossible to figure next seizure,it will 58 years with grandmals this year for me.still no real answers yet.

I have no experience in using magnesium. Hopefully you will have a solution soon.

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