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Tectal pilocytic astrocytoma

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Thank you, Colleen. I will reach out to the individuals you listed. It is just so scary (fear of the unknown), and frustrating to watch, wait and see. God’s blessings to everyone going through this – brain tumor patients and their families! Yes, my son is in his second year at University, about 2 1/2 hours away from home – scary for me. He does not complain, has a great attitude, plays hockey which he loves and played since he was 4 yrs old (with the blessing of his current doctor). I do notice that there are a few struggles with school, and wonder if the tumor and location of his tumor has anything to do with that, because it does affect his left eye and I see it freeze up or lock periodically, quickly though and then back and aligned. He has found ways to compensate in classrooms, minor head movement – the brain is amazing. He is trying though and we are so very proud of him! I keep hearing these words in my head: “let him live his life,” even though I would like to wrap him in bubble wrap, and make it all go away. Peace, Love and Strength to Everyone out there!

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Hi Dawn,
By @mentioning fellow Connect members, they will get a notification about this discussion and will hopefully join us here.
I’d like to also bring @lmp1 @parker80138 and @markelia into this discussion. They know firsthand what is like being the mother of a young adult diagnosed with brain tumor.

I totally understand what you mean about the tug of war between wanting to let him live his life and wrapping him in bubble wrap. No matter what age, we want to spare and care for our children.