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Tom Wilson (@tomewilson)

Does Y-90 preclude PRRT?

Neuroendocrine Tumors (NETs) | Last Active: Jan 1, 2018 | Replies (8)

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Theresa, thank you for these links. No I have not spoken with an Oncologist about this. I am the Administrator of the facebook group Wisconsin Neuroendocrine Tumor Cancer Connection and one of our members asked me about this. I am attending a Northwoods NETs conference in Burnsville, MN with my wife Lynn (she has NETs). Dr. Halfdanarson is going to speak and is also bringing Dr. Ayse Tuba Kendi, who oversees both the Gallium 68 PET scan and the PRRT center. Dr. Tuba is a radiologist who works primarily with oncolytic PET/CT therapy response assessment. I hope to learn more about a number of topics and report back to our Wisconsin group. I’ll also share it here. We’re all hoping that PRRT will be approved by the FDA mid-Jan.

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Hi Tom,

The conference sounds great (as well as the FB page). I have met Dr.Kendi, she is really on top of NET issues. When is the conference and what large city is Burnsville MN near?


Hi Teresa, Burnsville is one of the Minneapolis suburbs just south of Bloomington, MN where I go to the MN Neuropathy Association meetings. I hope the folks don’t have to walk outside to get to the conference — it’s brutal out there now, minus 6 right now not taking the wind chill into consideration. It sounds like a really good conference.


Thank you for reporting on the Northwoods NETs conference. I was hoping it would be live streamed, but they said it will not. Looking forward to hearing about it.

@debf and @tomewilson

The conference in January will be available on Youtube, here is the info

January 14th, 2018 – Northwoods NETS is offering a short presentation from Doctors Thor Halfdanarson and Tuba Kendi from Mayo Clinic Rochester. They will be discussing the newly dedicated Neuroendocrine Tumor Clinic, and upcoming plans for PRRT once fully approved by the FDA, which is anticipated to happen at the end of this month. This is a limited space event, and we are near capacity. Please RSVP today. If you are unable to attend, this event will be recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel post-event.

@debf You may need to sign up for their email updates in order to get it.


Really? Thank you! I will sign up for their email updates.