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Hi @nahi. I was diagnosed with a grape-sized meningioma Sept 2 following an MRI. Mine is just left of center in the frontal lobe area resting against the large center vein (I can’t remember the medical name. Something sinus). I understand the waiting is hard. I have prayed a lot. I keep busy and lean on my husband for emotional support. I recommend getting at least a second opinion regarding your diagnosis and treatment, if any. I had two neurosurgeons and one neurologist review my scans. It was decided that the shape (very smooth and round, not jagged) led them to believe it is not cancer. I know the feeling of “but it’s not supposed to be there!” Most meningiomas are not cancer. So they decided to take the watch and wait approach rather than take the risk of surgery. I had my second MRI in November, 90 days after the first one. No signs of change. The headaches that led to the first MRI have subsided because I cut way back on Caffeine. My system isn’t crying out for caffeine in the middle of the night. Now we are waiting six months for the next MRI.I tell you all this because I am learning to live with it knowing many people live very long with meningiomas. Some don’t even know they have them. Since they are not in the grey matter area they usually are easier to take out if surgery is the route you and your medical team take. Stay as active as you can. Take walks if you are able. I feel for you and hope and pray things go well for you. I do relate to the waiting game.

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Thank you for your help and giving me highlights to follow them. The size of mine about 1,5 cm I don’t know if consider it big or small that information I got from my primary doctor waiting tomorrow to call me from neurosurgeon office. I really appreciate your concern good luck for us