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Hello @nahi I am sorry to read of your healthcare journey, but even given the circumstances it is nice to e-meet you here on Connect! I am Scott and my wife was diagnosed with brain cancer and I was her primary caregiver. I remember all too well the times of waiting as often being among the most difficult to manage! I wish I had some magic suggestion of what we did to pass the waiting time, but all I can say is we made sure we kept as busy as we could to occupy ourselves. We did a lot of goofy, unnecessary things, but anything to help the time pass without thinking about what we didn’t know.

Personally I had a stroke two and a half weeks ago and it lodged in my right eye. I am in the doctor-specialist-more doctors-another specialist, with lots of days of waiting time. The time in-between in the worst! I’d rather just know!

One of the best aspects of Connect, at least to me, is the fact so many are here who have been through what some of us have so we can share, suggest, and best of all listen!

If you’re comfortable sharing, did this come out of the blue?

Sending strength, courage, and peace!

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Thank you for your support , I really feel stronger with your words.

Good Evening. So sorry to hear of your stroke. Hoping for the best for you!! Sending healing thoughts your way. 

I am sorry to hear what happened to you and your wife I will pray for all of us

You are welcome.  I will pray for you that you have the best report possible when you meet with the neurosurgeon.   I will also pray for peace to calm your fears.   I would love to hear how things go. The Mayo Clinic is a great place we all can share.