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Actually, I appreciate your reply Colleen. I guess my biggest gripe is Mayo shouldhave told me at the very beginning of my first call that they only accept certain cases and they can not guarantee I would get an appointment. They also should have suggested a doctor referral. I would have approached the entire process differently, had I known that. Now they have all my info and I’ve been denied an appointment. Then when I called their internal medicine group to ask why, all the guy kept saying was that I should “consult with my local provider, they know you better.” As I’ve already stated, I’ve been consulting with local doctors for years and they can’t figure it out. That’s why I finally called Mayo. So where do you go when the great and powerful Mayo says no? I guess you just resolve yourself to the fact you will feel terrible, the REST OF YOUR LIFE. That sucks.

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@bryan_in_dallas Medicine isn't perfect. I felt like this once too after doing every test a surgeon wanted for 5 months and then he would not offer surgery to fix my spine, and after I cried, I started over. In my life, I have had to figure things out for myself a few times that my doctors missed. I sought doctors outside of conventional medicine that have helped me a lot. That type of doctor ls in functional medicine or environmental medicine, and they look at the biochemistry of what is happening in the body instead of just trying to treat symptoms. I sent that information to you in a private message yesterday. I do know that carrying the burden of resentment will make your health worse and if you decide that your future will be terrible, you'll increase the chance of that happening. I watched my dad do that for years. Stress has huge health consequences and will make disease and pain worse. When the head of a spine surgery department missed my correct diagnosis, and I found the answer myself in medical literature, no other doctor in that health system would talk to him on my behalf, not even doctors who had known me for years. Their advice was to get another opinion and suggested Mayo or Cleveland Clinic. Doctors can be under a huge stress in their jobs, and over scheduled, and I think as patients we need to be mindful of this. We don't always get answers or the answers we wanted. I always want to be the best patient I can be, and to be appreciative of their time and attention. I also know my health starts with the choices I make every day. I hope that helps in some way.

@bryan_in_dallas Definitely a tough spot to be in. I, too, read your posts. With your background of research and history, would you consider moving your focus to another medical facility? Not everyone here on Mayo Clinic Connect is a Mayo patient. Not knowing where may be your best fit, the ones that come to my mind are Baylor University Hospital, University of California San Francisco, Keck University of Southern California. It may be worth looking in to. Please know we do not take your situation lightly, and want the best for you.

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