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@peach414144 Thanks, Peach, for the great note. Some days all I can do is sit and watch the ocean about 300 feet away. Sometimes I see a whale spout, or sea lions playing, or just waves breaking. We take the good stuff where we can find it.

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@oldkarl, Thank you for this beautiful image. In the midst of your complications, you have found beauty and some peace.

Oh! I read my post I wrote when I was age 80. Now I am 84 and all is true but now I have so many more medical problems. Jus keep moving do not stop until it is time to rest and then take off again. The legs continue with the pain (only more so). Taking the hydroxychloriquin keeps me out of the wheelchair and the nails on my hand continue to grow. And am going blind due to the hyperparathyroidism (TED). Had a nuclear test last wednesday and am waiting for the results. Crazy isin't it as I also have hypothyroidism. On and on. Am slowly losing my mind from all this and my age. At my age I am packing up all and moving to where I can be more independent. It is exhausting. Hopefully I will be able to unpack. Am taking bets: Will I live through this? After I have my.computer put together I will post again and good luck to me, (And all of you guys.) Cross your fingers/

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