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at age 80 i read your posts and realize that during my many years i have also experienced many of the same (and more) symptoms. they continue even now. somehow i keep going because i have hope. i cater to myself when i can. somehow we must be strong because there are so many ways to enjoy life. even with the suffering. yes, even when i am in a “boot” on a leg and must run to the toilet because the chronic digestive system starts acting up. but i look at it like this: great at least one of my pains will be alleviated (until the next time). over and again this goes on in many ways, such as losing my eye sight. but then again, there is always the boob tube, music, talking to a friend. even just petting a dog or cat and caring for them is satisfying. perhaps i should not be posting this for i do not want to take away from the pains that are so hurtful and harmful to us all. but i am still glad to be alive and enjoying the seasons music and standing up with my boot on and trying to dance to the beat of the music. (at least i am up and ready to run to the toilet. ha ha. laughter is good for the diaphram. love to all. peach

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@i should have added this to my post. i have had these many illnesses for my entire life. perhaps because of this i can accept the many pains. i have learned patience because of the many, many years involved. but there are really times that i cry and must remain stationary and pray for the pains to stop. but for now it is good. enjoy and imagine the good.

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