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How do you know that they ignored your issues ? You are not a doctor. Mayo is one of the best in the country if not the best.

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Take off those rose colored glasses. I had them on too when I took my son to Mayo Florida and I’ve never been so disappointed! Mayo has a great reputation because they discover many diseases and successfully treat so many patients but many of us fall thru the cracks there, as everywhere else. My son had a very good surgeon at Mayo Florida but was almost ignored in endocrinology and neurology. Every health institution has good, bad and indifferent doctors. I find that many doctors lack empathy and maybe that’s how they are able to keep working as a doctor, but sick people need empathy. I also find that most doctors are not good listeners. They many times have their minds made up about what to treat you with and they don’t like a lot of input from their patients, even though the patient is the one that has been living with that body and that pain all their lives. Doctors should listen to the patient.

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