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Left shoulder pain after eating or drinking

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I have been getting pain in my left shoulder after eating at restaurants for several years. It started after improving my health and eating much better. What I can say is that it appears to only happen when I eat a large meal that most like had several cups of coffee with it. So for me its the size of the meal or the amount of coffee. My guess is that my stomach is now much smaller than it used to be, and thus the extra food and/or coffee is putting pressure on a nerve that is linked to my left shoulder. My person solution, not eat large meals. Don't feel the need to eat everything on the plate.

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Hello @barefoothorseman and welcome to Connect!

I appreciate you sharing a very practical solution to the pain. Discovering triggers to certain symptoms is good detective work on your part. It sounds like you have engaged in some healthier eating practices and it has paid benefits for you. If you care to share more about that it might be helpful to others in our community. We all learn from each other at Connect.

I look forward to you joining in on other conversations in the future.


Wow what didn't I change. In 2010 I made a plan. Wrote down all the things that were science based that I believed could be causing my autoimmune issues and set about removing or seriously avoiding. Some things are so hidden they are hard to avoid like GMOs.

The big ones were I removed all drugs including topical and over the counter drugs, I personal include alcohol, sugar and caffeine in my list of drugs. Yes i include aspirin, and NSAIDs as drugs. Removed all processed foods and dairy plus anything that was GMO related, anything made from GMO products or anything that ate GMO products.

Cut back on all animal products and removed all farmed fish and factory or feedlot products because of the GMOS and the pesticide contamination. Cut back on grains especially wheat barley oats rye corn.

So now I source organic vegetables and fruit in season, wild caught fish, pressure cooked beans, walnuts pecans pistachios macadamia nuts, no peanuts or cashews. Drink water and organic decafe coffee unsweetened almond or coconut milk, naturally decaffeinated teas.

Mentally my goal is to be happy 99% of every day and exercise about an hour or more 6 days a week. Run maybe 40 miles a week at the moment. I'm male 58.

Added lots of vitamins and minerals intermittent fasting diatomaceous earth ACV fibre when needed.

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