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Hello @blackoutthesun and welcome to Mayo Connect! We appreciate your post and we look forward to getting to know you.

This sounds like a very uncomfortable problem you are having. Has your physician offered any help to you through medications or procedures?

You mention problems with your arms and hands – are you referring to pain or something else?


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Hi Teresa and thank you! The motility issues basically my esophagus is very inflamed which causes pain numbness tingling throughout my arms and hands. I have to be very careful as far as using the upper body for example I pulled some weeds and grass a few months ago and afterwards I had bruises on my fingers and bad pain/ inflammation in hands arms chest upper back. I cannot do simple tasks sometimes such as washing dishes, driving, opening jars, grocery shopping (pushing the cart) or anything that involves fine detail. I’m an artist and have had to stop drawing due to the inflammation and pain it causes in my thoracic area chest and hands.


It sounds as if this condition is limiting you in a lot of ways. I’m really sorry that your art is affected by this problem – that must be very disheartening to you. Have you found any treatments to be effective? I’m thinking of things like diet and/or meds.


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