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@blackoutthesun Oh, my goodness! This is one I thought I did not have, but after looking up the definition and notations, I am not so sure. I sometimes feel as if my esophagus is trying to squeeze the food back out, especially if it is an acid-type food such as salsa, Tabasco sauce, etc.Or if it is very cold, or hot. Mayo has told me I have esophageal spasms, but did not mention the “nutcracker” bit. Google says: “This condition may be called diffuse esophageal spasm, or DES. These spasms can prevent food from reaching the stomach. When this happens, the food gets stuck in the esophagus. Sometimes the squeezing moves down the esophagus in a coordinated way, but it is very strong. This can be called nutcracker esophagus.” There are several more notations in various formats. All of them say it is a side effect of GERD, which I have, or Barrett’s Esophagus, which I have also, or hiatal hernia. I suspect that a bland diet of small bites of easily-digested food, very well-chewed, would be as good as anything. Probably eating such a diet over a period of about 6-8 meals per day would be the most effective treatment. Limit salt, strong spices, acid food, etc. Have you had your eosinophils checked? I am guessing that an over-abundance of eosinophils would cause nutcracker. I know it causes a lot of my esophagus problems. Now, this is just a quick guess on my part right now, but thanks for making me think about it. And if you are already doing these things, just ignore me. But thanks again.

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And besides the small bites, drink water with food to help it go down.

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