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Juicing - Why would I want to try it?

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Juicing is great if you have the time and patience for it. I was made to understand that the juice needed to be used immediately; otherwise, we could use juices from the store. Be careful about juicing fruit. Without the fiber you would be getting a lot of sugar. I can say that during a bad Fibro flare where I hurt everywhere, I juiced 1 small apple, 2 celery sticks, 1/2 beet, some kale, parsley, and fresh ginger and turmeric for breakfast, and within a week the pain and swelling in my joints settled down. Of course, it might have settled down if I’d eaten Skittles for breakfast. Who knows? I always feel “clean” on the inside and virtuous when I juice, so that is worth something. Turmeric root is now easily found in common grocery stores for as little as 6.99 a pound, and it doesn’t take much of it (or the ginger) to feel a benefit. Good for you for listening to your daughter! If my dad had ever listened to me I would have been so happy!

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Thanks @robbinr, I’m constantly on the lookout for good tasting mostly vegetable combinations for good tasting juice. I make 4 to 6 18 oz bottles a week and use them in about 5 days, keeping them in the refrigerator. I guess they may lose a little nutritional value but convenience of only cleaning the juicer once a week is more important that the extra nutritional value I would get (to me anyway!). You are so right about watching the sugar if you use mostly fruit.

Most of us dads are slow learners so you have to cut us a little slack ☺ I will say I’m fortunate enough to have a daughter that is tech savvy (Yea! I passed something good on to her from sitting at my old IBM PC when she was 3 or 4 years old and up). Now it’s time for her to keep me on track…which I appreciate!

Hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!