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John, Volunteer Mentor (@johnbishop)

Juicing - Why would I want to try it?

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Hi John,

I started juicing after my oral scuamus cell carcinoma diagnosis, in preparation for what was coming up my way. I did juice three times a day. After almost five years, I still juice once a day, for breakfast. In my opinion, you would have to go out there, and buy your own juicer. You must just juice the amount of juice you are to drink right away. Fruit and veggies oxide very fast, and loose most of their valuable vitamins if standing for a long time. I bought a little book with wonderful recipes; but I find I stick to the same recipe all the time, variating it only because I have other ingredients handy. I buy all organic. I deserve it. This recipe is for my husband and I: two apples, a small piece of ginger, a lime or lemon, a bunch of kale, 5 pieces of celery. All whole and well washed with water and a brush. Sometimes I change one ingredient for carrots, red cabbage or cucumber. Celery is almost always there, and it is the last to go through the juicer, to kind of clean in all the good greens that went before. I will look up my recipe book and share the name. Amazon shipped it really fast.
I cannot tell you much about the benefits, other than it makes me feel I am doing something really good for myself. My husband loves his juice, and always says he is drinking life. Loli

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hi there. there is one item perhaps you already know about juicing. quite a bit of the roughage is removed. so not to be constipated make sure you get your roughage elsewhere. i have some friends who will not eat vegetables but only this way. so juicing can be good. peach barb

What about adding prunes?
I know; but I like to drink my juice in one gulp. The other option, with the bullet, takes a long time to drink, and the good stuff oxides. I prefer juicing. Loli

Thanks Loli (@loli), I appreciate the information. I pretty much try to stay with organic when I can also. I haven’t invested in a juicer yet but have been looking at one similar to what my daughter has. I know the juices have to be used up fairly fast but I thought they would keep a few days in the refrigerator. John

Hi @peach414144, I have heard that downside but I get tons of fiber now and I’m still plugged up ☺ so was looking for juicing to see if there is a combination that helps with that and inflammation (to help me taper off of prednisone). The red cabbage juice my daughter made me is supposed to help with that so we will see. John

@loli, I usually buy a bag of organic pitted prunes when I can find them. It might make it interesting to juice the whole bag and see what happens when you drink it ☺

sjogrens syndrone can constipate no matter what you do. every little thing matters. good luck.

pineapple? low in calories, high in fiber.

it is not as much as the cabbage juice as actually the cabbage itself that works much better than the juice. but hey, the juice is healthy.

@peach414144, Sjogren’s can go in either direction. In the beginning I had diarrhea and taking less Hydroxychloroquine helped a lot. I’m now pretty normal without diarrhea or constipation.

yes, you are correct sjogrens does go both ways. so when it goes to constipation thats when the kiwi’s come into being. boy, they usually do the job. it’s all wait ans see. then bring out the rest of the organic fruits and vegetables and try, try again. and, whenever you are out shopping or whatever, make sure you know where all the rest rooms are located. even when driving i know w here the clean rest rooms are at the gasoline stations. sounds funny but it helps.