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Sure does Teresa, and I have my therapist to thank for that. I remember when I first started to see him, about 10 years ago ….. oh, I was just so good … dressed perfectly, sat straight, said all the “right” things a Christian wife and mother should say, blah, blah, blah. After I was done, he looked at me and said, “I see “good Suzy” sitting across from me ….. we’re going to dismantle her.” WHAT???????? All through my life I never made waves, caused problems, never disagreed if I thought it would make someone mad, etc. I was numb when I left …. but he was right …… it took many years to find “good Suzy’s” sister, but she’s sure there now.

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Hi, Abby. I’m glad you had a satisfying Thanksgiving. I think I’m going to ask my therapist if he sees me the way yours did that first session. I think that probably would describe me. “I see mr. nice guy looking at me. Time to find what’s really inside you.” Hmm. I’m glad that your X saw a new, improved you. I’m glad you see a new you, for that matter.

Sadie just jumped in my lap, time for her nightly walk. So, gotta go. Have a good weekend, Abby.


Abby @amberpep

I understand what you are saying – when you are trying to please everyone else, you can no longer be yourself – a true identity crisis isn’t it?


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