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I’m copying and pasting a sort of hang-on to my original post. I want to be sure you all see it …. some of you may be having the same problem and wondering what’s going on …. sort of “catastrophic thinking.”
“Oh, and something else unrelated to the aforementioned discussion. For the passed year or so I’ve been very clumsy, teetery on my feet, unbalanced, and there are days I feel like I’m in a brain fog. I have fallen here at home almost weekly, not breaking anything, but getting some dandy bruises. I was afraid I was coming down with Parkinson”s, MS or another one of those awful diseases. Well, I renewed my Rx this week for Clonopin (been taking it for 1-1/2 years) and for the first time I read the entire patient handout. Everything I was experiencing was exactly what they described. They said it was very normal to feel physically unbalanced and fall. Also another med. I take – Lamictal – for Bipolar 2, has the same effect, although not quite as extreme. At least I know what is causing this, and that helps, but I really have to be careful anywhere I walk.”
Just wondered if anyone else had this problem?

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I mentioned to the neurologist last week that I find myself turning into doorways too soon, banging my shoulder against the door frame, and staggering down the hall, bumping pictures on one side and bookshelves on the other, almost tipping over when I stand up and then turn left or right with the first step, catching my right toes on the back of my left foot, and tripping because my right toe touches the carpet or even a smooth surface. He made a note of it, but didn’t comment at all. It sounds like foot drop that I’ve heard other people with neuropathy complain about.

It seems that you’re more comfortable with being at your x’s home than I would. Even if I were, like you I’d want to be able to leave on my own schedule. I had trouble driving at night, but cataract surgery on both eyes has helped a lot, though I still don’t like the oncoming headlights. Have you suggested having dinner earlier so you could drive home in the daylight? I know people have definite traditions like that which they don’t want to, or would even consider to change.

However it works out, I hope you have a pleasant day.

I remember how overwhelmed I was in the early days of my marriage, going to family times at my in-laws. They were SO noisy! My family was never like that. I got used to finding an empty room, and sitting alone in the quiet or going for a walk.

Have you been able to unpack more boxes? Have you found it more like home when you get things set out on shelves and tables? It’s a comforting thing to have things around that have sentimental value, or that remind us of happy times. But then, I’m definitely not a minimalist when it comes to decorating.

I’m believing for you a settling of emotions as more time passes in your new home.