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leahknit (@leahknit)

First Time and Terrified

Visiting Mayo Clinic | Last Active: Jan 15, 2018 | Replies (25)

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@leahknit, I see that you will be a first time visitor to Mayo. Do you have any questions about navigating the Mayo Campus that we can help you with?

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Did you find that you had one Dr or was there a team of Dr’s that worked on your case? I know I will see an internist and a neurologist after that it depends…

They utilize health “teams” at Mayo. When I had my surgery I had a head Dr. and an associate Dr. with others….. LPN’s RN’s PA’s Tech’s. The other thing they left nothing to chance…. I was looked over, tested, and evaluated… even to the point of allergies…. I was years ago told, while in the Navy, I was allergic to Penicillin… Mayo tested me and told me that no longer exists. My team leader when in consult would explain something to me then ask “Did you understand that?”. My sister is recovering from Ovarian cancer surgery she had in Rochester. I sure hope your trip, care, and overall experience is of very high quality and very successful.

@leahknit, This is a good question. As @waterboy has explained so well, your assigned doctors are able to consult and work with specialists in other areas. You may or may not actually ‘see’ them but you can be assured that other specialists will be part of your evaluations and testing. Don’t be surprised or frightened if your schedule actually changes, or has additional appointments/tests added as the day progresses.

I recommend that you and your husband take a written list of your questions.

The Mayo complex is actually easy to navigate, and there are help desks, and volunteers available and eager to assist.

A very dear friend of mine who also is my Ob and delivered my 2nd boy is visiting me tonight to work on a check list of questions for the dr’s that I might not think of. So I am excited about that.

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