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First Time and Terrified

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Hi Leah- I hope you are feeling more calm and confident after reading the replies from other Mayo patients. I do have a miracle story for you. Let me give you a little background first: I live in Alabama, a 17 hour drive from Rochester, Minnesota (but it has most certainly worth the multiple trips)!! I was born with a very rare bone disease. I had several surgeries as a child to correct some things. But as an adult I did not have a doctor to monitor or treat my condition because no one in my area knew anything about the disease. So fast forward to 5 years ago. I was in tremendous pain in my joints but especially my R ankle. I had seen the “best doctors” in Alabama and Georgia and my best option according to all of them was amputation. A relative of mine was familiar with Mayo and suggested it to me. What a blessing! I have since had complete ankle reconstruction that is nothing short of a miracle. I will not tell you that it has been easy traveling to and from, or that it was an easy, pain free surgery but I will tell you that I have so much confidence in and respect for the doctors and staff at Mayo. I have also had surgery on my left leg, undergone some cutting-edge technology to lengthen a bone in my right leg, received great care from cardiology, gastroenterology and podiatry. I will be making the trip again next month to see a neurologist because my evidence of my disease has now shown up in my skull. But I go with full expectation that Mayo will once again know the answers. Leah, I wish you the best and pray that your journey to wellness will be as successful as mine.

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yes I am trying its hard. you al have such amazing stories! seriously! I know I can do this I am strong and I am hopeful and faithful

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