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leahknit (@leahknit)

First Time and Terrified

Visiting Mayo Clinic | Last Active: Jan 15, 2018 | Replies (25)

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@leahknit, Hi and welcome to Mayo Connect. I have my own miracle story to share.
I was flown out of ICU to Mayo Rochester (760 miles from home) With acute kidney failure along with liver complications, I no longer qualified for a transplant at home. Hospice Care was being discussed by the ICU team, but my transplant team arranged for my to be flown to Mayo. When I arrived, they took complete control of my situation. They work as a team. They treat everyone as a unique individual with unique needs. They care about their patients. They took care of my complications, and I qualified to be listed for a transplant, They carefully monitored me during my waiting time.
I did get my liver and kidney there 8 years ago, They gave me my life back. Hope is alive at Mayo.

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You are so very brave.
Mine seams so silly in comparison. I am just a person that deals in black and white and so far my year has been so very grey. I know I need to be optimistic because to be honest thats how I would treat any friend of mine in this situation. I am just so afraid they won’t fix me….. and well I’m doomed to a life of undiagnosed pain. I need to be positive and you all with your amazing stories will get me there… Thank you!

Hi Leah- Never think that your concerns or problems are silly. As a friend of mine says, “there are minor illnesses which is what everyone else has, then there are major illnesses which is what I have.” LOL. Seriously though sometimes optimism can be difficult to find but do your best to believe you too will have a good outcome. #keepupthegoodfight

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