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Long-term depression

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Jan 2, 2019 | Replies (563)

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Just saw this. I am not the greatest at keeping up with my email. But I saw this, and recovery from the effects of depression is very important to me. I think that if you are a sensitive, intelligent person, depression can be a situational thing in response to the way our society has evolved. So many things not right in this world. So many memes on social media suggest that depression is easy to fix. Just get a better attitude. Focus on joy. On others. On yourself. On God. And to a certain extent they can be helpful. I am on the Autism Spectrum, and I have a lot of anxiety to deal with because I am very sensitive. I hear too well, see everything, feel everything. Smells, allergies, getting overwhelmed at too much stimuli. But I do have a great deal of happiness in my life, after all these years of trying to figure things out. I have a great counselor who I trust and I see her for a check up every once in a while. I understand myself better and so I protect myself from the things that are hurtful to me as much as possible. I take a fairly low dose of Cymbalta and practice mindfulness There are so many different things that can help. I hope you are feeling better and have found some things that work for you.

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Those of us with long term depression like do know it is not an easy fix and unfortunately cannot be fixed. We endeavor to learn how to live with this affliction. I am thankful for those who can and have been helped.