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Long-term depression

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Hi Sharlynn62,
I’ve read the sharing between you and others in our group. I’ve been depressed for so many times that it became a comfortable space for me to occupy as I knew where I was and what was happening. I learned to feel the pain and continued to function after several years of suffering. I would put on my actors face and go out into the world and fool those around me although I was crying inside. My Father would tell me that I was my worse enemy. I was so sick that I didn’t understand. Of all the lessons that I’ve learned is that once I accept my illness, I have been able to work on the illness by people who are willing to help me recover. These people are professionals and others who share the same sicknesses and hope is instilled. I’ve learned that acceptance and hope are two verbs that require action on my part. Action helps with optimism and optimism brings me out of my depression. I have no idea what your mental diagnosis is and the medications you take. Hopefully, your Doctor can help you with this portion of treatment. The best to you.

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Hello @charlie75

Thank you for your encouraging words to @sharlynn62 and all of the others in this discussion group. I especially like what you said about, “Action helps with optimism and optimism brings me out of my depression.” How very true!

In the midst of depression, it is hard to put those ideas into action – but then it is also hard to stay depressed.


Hi Teresa,
Thank you for the kind words. I hope you are doing OK and feeling good. Our depression hurts and the dark spaces are hiding places. At least most of is come out of the hiding places when we are ready and have gained more strength for the next time. I meet with a CBT group twice a week, and I’ve learned to talk about my feelings which has lifted the periods of depression due to the caring and love I receive my group.

@charlie75 That is wonderful! I’m sure the CBT group has helped immensely.


Hi Charlie,
Thanks for sharing your experiences in response to my post . I can really relate to what you said about “putting on the actor’s face”. Even though I have accepted my illness, I still have to put on the face so I can function in the community, either working or volunteering. Because I work with others who have mental health challenges, I can often “take off my mask” and share things with them. I’m very involved in peer support and believe it can be extremely helpful, along with therapy and medication, if that is what a person chooses. I applaud you for taking action and working on having hope and optimism. I really struggle with this after being depressed for so long and have so many other problems, mostly physical that make it hard to live the kind of life I want. I try to take it a day at a time; sometimes an hour at a time, if I need to. I find that getting out and doing things that help other people really helps with my recovery. It gives me a sense of purpose and takes my mind off of myself.
I appreciate reading about what you’ve found works for you. I am continually learning from interacting with other people. I hope that some of the things that I write or talk about are helpful to others. I wish you well on your recovery journey.

I agree, @sharlynn62, the more we share, the more we learn. I’m so glad that you are posting as well in this discussion. I know that helping others always gives us more than what we give!


I too have dealt with long term depression since my younger years. Each time I would pull out and dare to live again some trauma would take me back down. It’s been that kind of yo yo my whole life. Have been on and off various meds throughout the years, some have helped but I have never been totally free. A while ago I just accepted hat this would be the way it would be. I am presently on Effexor which when you’re began really helped. At my request the dosage was reduced and I am now not feeling so drugged but notice the difference in negative ways. You indicated that you go to some kind of group that helps. Could you tell me more about that. I would appreciate that.

@mrmaid11 Thank you for sharing your story and experiences. For some, the journey out of depression is a lifetime journey and that is OK. Sometimes meds are important part of that support that is needed. @charlie75 mentioned the CBT group that he is in, perhaps he will share more about that in future posts. CBT (cognitive behavior therapy can be quite helpful). There are many workbooks about this including David Burns, The Feeling Good Handbook.


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Have you experienced some depression?

Thanks for the welcome! I only want to follow this one for now. I most definitely suffer with depression. My whole life, my personality, my existence has been affected by it. I suffer with chronic pain, neuropathy, diabetes as well. It started about 3 years ago. I believe it comes from Methadone and the fact I’m at home with no social interaction. I have no desire to leave the house or really do anything. I so want my life back!

Hello @kdo0827

I am glad that you have joined Connect and this conversation. We have a number of Members who will gladly share their experiences with you and try to encourage you in your journey through depression. I would like to introduce you to Jim, @jimhd a volunteer mentor, as well as @parus, @charlie75, @amberpep, all who are active Members of our group.

You mention that you spend a lot of time at home with no social interaction. Can you tell us more about what you think keeps you at home?



I’m a bit frustrated now. I wrote a couple of paragraphs, and while I looked up at the TV – MASH is on – my note disappeared. I’ll try again.

I guess that sometimes it comes down to how badly we want to get back our lives. I have a cold right now, so my level of badly is kind of low these days.

As a rule I feel better when I get out of the house, even if it’s just to pick up a prescription at the pharmacy. Tomorrow should be an exceptional day by that reckoning, but I don’t know. We are going to the senior lunch at our church, then to the long term care center to celebrate the 104th birthday of a friend. A stop at the pharmacy, then, on the way to my weekly therapy appointment. After that it’s time to go home and crash. Hopefully I won’t crash before I get home!

I hope you will be able to get out of the house soon, even if it’s just to grab a few breaths of air. Is it cold where you are?