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Lisa (@techi)

Thankful for finding the correct diagnosis

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Yes John all the diagnoses but 2 which are still being tested and consulting with the team of doctors which l think should be at all medical facilities. The medical employees who are caring for patients should be a team. I worked in a hospital where doctors aren’t listening to nurses and other staff. Health problems are changing constantly and one of the doctors told me some of the meds l was taking was old meds and l guess they are not effective for illnesses today. And l also know everyone’s body reacts differently but l have been on a couple of diuretics for years and when l tell the hospital here my general practice doctors and the specialized doctor for heart disease that my legs are swelling l just get another diuretic. Instead of finding why it’s here take more drugs. So l was so blessed to get answers. I really don’t know if the doctors changes your meds if you have your own doctor in another state. I hope when l give all the reports to my doctors they will take the advice and medical outcome from the Mayo clinic. One of the doctors at the Mayo Clinic said l don’t know how you will get the previous diagnoses changed when you have a different outcome. So it’s seems like a second opinion is only for your concerns and satisfaction because doctors or other medical employees don’t want to admit they made a mistake. I see now when l was talking to people who come to the Mayo Clinic that they are getting the best care. So coming up soon this will be the 4th time coming to the Mayo Clinic but it’s all worth it. And l am truly thankful to my internal medicine doctor who ordered all the doctors, test, and the team consulting with each other to give me the good news. The team at the Mayo Clinic reminds me of my retired gerentologist who told me about my liver. He told me l never seen and extra vein in, I’ve seen it in medical school but not in a human. Well that’s not what you want to here from your doctor. But he also said I m not sure what’s the best way to handle this but l will talk to my colleagues. Well he was definitely being honest . And it wasn’t money it was wanting the best for his patients and trying to get the best outcome. That’s how l feel about the doctors at the Mayo clinic doctors. Thank you John for all the support.

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Thank you Lisa. I appreciate your valuable insight. I have the same feeling towards Mayo Clinic doctors, nurses and staff. My personal experience is that they really use a team approach. For me it means I generally get a new family doctor every few years but I’m good with that because I know there is continuity in the medical records and they all use a patient’s records for treatment. I have had to bring a few new doctors up to speed with my health issues but that is on me to make sure they know my symptoms and what I’m taking. The only frustration for me is filling out all the pre-appointment forms online and then getting another copy in the mail to fill out a week before the appointment.

Hoping you have a great day. John

@techi You said it, Lisa. One thing you must keep in mind. Many doctors spend their careers protecting the disease from the strongest efforts of the patient. I have been diagnosed, formally, with about 40 different diseases, and about 20 of these diseases failed the tests of time and lab. Of course, this fact alone is good evidence for one diagnosis, some form of Amyloidosis. And, of course, it also makes for a great source of career security for many doctors, etc. Even at Mayo,. although I had strong evidence of Amy, the protocols there demanded that I subject myself to 4 months of testing and poking and prodding before I could be diagnosed. They did find a few small things here and there, but in the end, they missed the diagnosis entirely, although they had “discovered” all the evidence they needed for the diagnosis. But, of course, that would have negated the job security things.

@dear oldkarl, peach here. just read this post of yours re: diagnosing. why, why with all our progress it seems as if the medical field is going backwards. perhaps it is a form of protection for the doctors as not to be sued in case of a wrong diagnosis? in any case, where is the progress? if so, why don;t they reveal such to the public or do i not read the proper paperwork? i am sorry for all of us suffering peoples hanging in there waiting for a revelation. a hug to all.

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