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Post-MALS surgery

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Hi @ruudolpho, Welcome to Connect.
You’ll find an active discussion with fellow Connect members talking about MALS here: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/median-arcuate-ligament-syndrome-mals/ Kari has shared many resources there that may interest you.

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve experience little to no improvement since surgery. I’m tagging fellow MALS members to see if they have surgery experiences, tips about sleeping and reference articles to share with you. @kariulrich @jmmb @coffeelatte @worriedmom18 @carolina58 @azbluebird and @artistgma

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Hi Colleen,
I so appreciate all that you and Kari are doing to help people who have MALS.
Thank you

Hi I recently had a CT scan and they told me it looked like I had MALS. I can’t find who to talk to her where to talk to and the mayo clinic groups every time I search MLS it says there’s no groups or discussions about it. I found this on Google. Where do you recommend I go to get more information from people who have dealt with this?