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Why did you choose brachytherapy for prostate cancer

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Welcome to Connect, @cameron1959.
Choosing between treatment options is challenging.
Bill (@6608), was brachytherapy a therapy that was offered to you? Why did you choose proton beam therapy and what was it like?

I’m also tagging fellow members @hamhock @gmack @bboxer @philn @flor @ronoir @donnelson @oldkarl to see if they have anything to share about brachytherapy or the criteria they used for choosing between treatments.

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What treatments options are being considered for you?

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This was a tough decision for my and my urologist. I had an appointment scheduled with him for my annual chicken dinner. However, that very morning, I rose at the normal time, nothing unusual except that I could not pee. Not a drop. So We headed immediately for the doc. I started using catheters when we got there, and I have not done a drop on my own for 5 years now. Turned out I had a score of 7. He put me on leupro–whatever it is. after a year or so he sent me to a radiation oncologist to sort out the possibilities and begin treatment. The RO quit and left town before I ever met the guy. No one else has showed up to treat me with radiation of any type. About a year ago I I started bleeding regularly with clotting in the urine. I kept taking the leupro, and stopped that about a year ago also. The uro said there was nothing more he could do, that the cancer was going to kill me within a couple years, whether or not we treated. Then, at about the same time, I got into the scheme for amyloidosis with Mayo, and, again, I was going to die within a couple years, treated or not. Now I have learned that the blockage and the bleeding are both side effects of the amy. Frankly, now, at 77, I know that no treatment center is going to give a damn about any of my disorders anyway, so I just try to keep my will up to date. And hold hands with every pretty girl I meet. At this point, with cardiac AL Amy, death will probably come suddenly. I should have about ten seconds warning, with a shooting electrical pain and wild fluctuation of my a-fib. Frankly, my wife was told almost 40 years ago that I would probably not live through the night. Think I made? Or did I die and no has noticed the difference?

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