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Mica (@micakath)

Newly Diagnosed and Trying to Process

Epilepsy & Seizures | Last Active: Nov 14, 2017 | Replies (31)

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Mica,bonnie,read your comments.I was never a teacher,but had grand mals since i was 5.i wish i had a teacher withepilepsy,Back then feltso much like i was only one with seizures.Back in 70s lost many jobs after a seizure,you could put seizures on application but most dont realize how bad one can be,then id get the gee we are sorry but you cant work here,even union places.Finally found company that accepted me would allow me days off torecover from grandmal and iagreed that i could not bid on certain jobs endedup there30 years,had allkinds ofsay and made good moneyglt a house and had3kids and 6 grandkids.If given a chance epilepsy shouldntmatter,but ifnot for the co pany i worked for ,who knows,right now iwas puton disability because of copd,you figure you have medicalthing beat then payback,atleast mykids allgrown up and have a greatwife..doctorput meon keppra now ,seizures beencomming back and lungs areamess becausr of copd.Had cancer of lungsin2014 in remission,now schedualed a mri of my head to test for cancer.At leastihave awife ad family ,whenyoung didnt think possible..

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Thank you for sharing, Robert. I’ve been getting overwhelmed recently by thinking about how this is going to effect my life longterm, and it’s refreshing to hear that moving forward is definitely possible. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that your MRI comes back clean and you stay well.