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Newly Diagnosed and Trying to Process

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Mica, I was diagnosed with exactly the same thing; the exception being I also had grand male seizures. I was 25 at that time. I am also a teacher, elementary. I unfortunately had a seizure in my first grade classroom one morning. This was all in 1977. I was put on a medical leave.
I was also labeled with anxiety because my partial seizures had the same symptoms and doctors were quick to want to have an answer, even if it wasn’t the correct one. Mayo Clinic quickly changed my medical situation and my teacher’s union saved my job. Today there are discrimination laws and I believe less discrimination. You mention you are oversea so I can’t speak to that.
At first I had the “stigma” problem, especially with school officials. It was hard and took a couple of assignment changes to fix this. I then actually had parents tell me they had requested me for their child because I had a history of seizures. Their children had seizures and they thought I would be best for their child because I had a better understanding of this than anyone else. I think this could be true for any child with any medical issue to have a teacher who can personally relate to medical issues in their daily life.
Can you search Google for “informational materials on seizures and your child’s teacher”? Then share that with your administration. Ask them if it would be ok for you to share that with any parent if they should question anything, also, give your administration permission to do the same. If you have any notes, cards, etc. from families thanking you and showing their appreciation for your work bring that up also.
This reply is way long but this all helped me, along with good friends and fellow teachers. I know this is a difficult time and situation; it won’t change overnight. Be strong and keep your head up high. This too shall pass.
Keep in contact.

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Thank you so much for your story and your advice, Bonnie. I really, truly appreciate it. Thankfully, things with the school have been okay and we’re working through this new information together. Now just trying to take things as they come in terms of dealing with it all. Hope you’re doing well.