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Thank you for sharing your experience Lynette. Can you or someone else explain what Regenex is exactly? Is it a type of product used in place of stem cells, I thought they harvested our own stem cells from our bone marrow. I know how they get the PRP, but I don’t understand what exactly Regenex is.

I certainly like the Mayo’s pricing better than this place I’ve been talking to in California. I wonder if the cost of a knee would be drastically different from the cervical spine?
Thank you again, Jennifer

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Regenexx is the name of a privately held company doing research on stem cells. They also train Drs etc. look it up on the web. A good web site to learn about stem cells.

OC (Orange County) Wellness Physicians said they use placenta and umbilical stem cells for their procedures. Those cells are assured to be clean and healthy. They do NOT use embryonic stem cells as they are dangerous and are illegal to use. They do not extract your own stem cells for use. Using your own stem cells doesn’t work well because your cells are old, which is why we age. They use fresh stem cells that aren’t “worn out”. At least that’s my understanding. I hope this is helpful. Gail B

That information is contrary to what I have heard from doctors. I would not want to use someone else stemcells. I would advise you to contact regenexx and ask them. Go to their website and contact them. They have posted information on this subject.

Thank you Gail,
I’ve looked into a couple places in Los Angeles but they’re crazy expensive. The OC place you’re talking about is close to me.

My understanding is with cord blood you do not have a cross reaction with your blood because there’s no antibodies yet in it. But I have heard that if you use embryonic stem cells which are different, there’s a chance of tumors developing. I don’t really know that much about it, only what I’ve read. I don’t know if that extends to cord blood or not. I was also told that my stem cells would not be very successful because of my age, so this would be a great solution if it had no side effects. I also like their prices way better than what I saw in Los Angeles.

Thank you very much, I can call them the first of the week. You said you have a C7 fracture. I have degenerative disc’s, bone spurs, along with problems with the facets and C4-5, C5-6, C6-7, with C5-6 being the worst.

Do u mind telling your @ age? I know people 80 and 90 who get a lot of cells for Parkinson’s and after stroke. They Improve w it every couple years. But, theirs is $$$$.

A young 76. When you work on your back they inject treated blood to stimulate your stem cells.

I’m 63, but one of my pain management doctors told me I was too old to use my own stem cells. I really don’t know if he knows what he’s talking about though.

Winning, when you say ‘treated blood’, are you talking about PRP or some other method I’ve not heard of?

Regenexx talks about outfits trying to sell stem cells and when checked, they find the cells are dead.

When my blood is drawn, I am told stuff is added to it and it is treated. Really above my pay grade. All I know is it works especially on the back.