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Thank you, that is great real life experience. Exactly what I wanted to know. Super surprised if yours was $1000 and they’re quoting me $10,000. Boy they’ll get what they can take, won’t they!

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Who said they paid $1,000? Super bargain!?

‘Winning’ said a thousand it their post.

yes, $1000. Stem cell procedures are expensive. Knee was $7000. Friend had both hips done for $10,000. The fact i had no hospital stay or no pain pills is worth it. Me and pain pills do not get along.

i have read where prices vary around the country. I am fortunate that Toledo has a site.

Might be cheaper to fly to Toledo, get a hotel and have it done there! What was your doctors name Cobweb?

ok, Drs. name, phone #? email?

Dr Kruse at Wildwood 419-578-7515 . I never e mail him. I know he and his staff trained at Regenexx in Colorado. Great website where they have listed what they do . Good site to check out.

It really depends on how many areas theu insert. I just attended a seminar a week ago and am considering it for my lumbar area. Looking at surgery &fusion of L4L5 which I don’t want to do. They said $5,000 per area, but not necessarily double for 2 areas, maybe less. The group is OC Wellness Physicians. They also said, NO insurance will cover it and if insurance does decide to at some point, prices will rise exponentially. They are located in Westminster, California and all my research says they’re excellent. I have an appointment for evaluation tomorrow! I’ll let you know what I find out. I’ll ask about cervical also as I have a C7 compression fracture that bothers me all the time.
Cheers, Gail B.

I did find out more about stem cell therapy from the Mayo Regenerative group. They are still researching the stem cell therapy and are very open in talking about it. They use your own stem cells when they work on you. It costs approximately $8,000 for spinal stem cells. They do an extensive evaluation to see if you are a candidate that this will work for. Then you have a 90% chance of success. Success may mean only that your pain is relieved, which is huge. But your disks may not be repaired.

The other stem cell therapy I researched involved umbilical cord or placental stem cells for repair. Because the stem cells are from babies, they are still very active. The procedure for spine stem cells involves a neurosurgeon who does the injection, and it costs about $11,000. I was somewhat skeptical of the group here that talked about it with me. Also, no insurance covers stem cell therapy since it’s still in the experimental stage and there are no guarantees that it will work. I decided that I am quite happy with my ART therapy, which is working remarkably well. I hope this is helpful. If you want more information, I recommend that you call the Mayo Regenerative group.
Thanks, Gail B Ledesma