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I just found a place in LA near me that sounds like it is absolutely top-notch doing research, leading huge seminars, and also associated with Stanford medical center. I spoke to a person on the phone and she said they did do what I was asking for. Sounds like it’s around $10,000 and maybe the insurance will pay for a little bit of something. My question to anyone who has had stem cell, do they do your bone marrow aspirate while you’re awake, only numbing with lidocaine? I used to work in the medical field in the laboratory and assisted on bone marrow aspiration’s. There is no way on this planet anybody’s doing that to me while I’m awake. I passed out just assisting watching it being done. My mother who had multiple myeloma was talked into doing it by a Dr who told her it wouldn’t hurt much and she never went back to him because she was so angry.

Curious how most doctors do this now a days? Thank you, Jennifer

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For my knee they used a drill into the hip. I had little pain. Small drill. Not put under. It was mixed with my blood and injected into the knee. For my back blood was taken out and the next day injected in the back. Was old it was to stimulate my stem cells. Must admit it worked. Cost was around a thousand.
I have found most doctors say it doesn’t work, but I noticed it is very affective used on arthritis. I have two friends who have had two surgeries on their backs and still not good. For me I had a lot of problems with a TKR. I was told how I would be good as new. I can no longer play tennis but biking, golf and gardening are doable. Good luck.

where will it b done for $10,000?

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Ha, ha, you could guess where it’s located, honestly they are based in Beverly Hills. I guess that explains the $10,000 price.

It looks like the post that said they paid $1000 is deleted because it’s no longer here. I had responded directly to it, but I don’t remember who posted that reply. Curious…

The place I spoke to is called Orthohealing Center in LA/Beverly Hills (they are somehow associated with Stanford Med Ctr). They gave me a ballpark quote and said my insurance would pay for some parts but not most. They have video on their website of a whole regenerative medicine conference with a panel of spine docs answering questions. Watching all the video was technical but interesting. I learned about techniques I’d never heard of. It seemed like each doc had their own ‘special’ way of doing things. If anyone’s interested look up that name and it’s on their website.

Still don’t know where I’d go, but I’m more hopeful about avoiding surgery than I’ve ever been.

I couldn’t find the $1,000 quote post at first, but it was in ‘winning’s’ post