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Terri Martin, Volunteer Mentor (@windwalker)

How is everybody doing?

MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Sep 20, 2017 | Replies (153)

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Cld120 re no production of sputum for cultures….at NJH they -respiratory therapists- used a high degree of sodium solution for inhalation to irritate lungs to produce mucus.
At NJH…they collect 3 specimens over 3 days.
I am collecting them here at home in Wisconsin….first one had too much saliva so I had to repeat it…I was going for quantity….lab told me how to differentiate … I have the lung secretions when I awaken I have discovered.
I had a bronchoscopy a year ago….no problems!

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Tdrell, I am still confused as to how I will produce sputum & not just saliva. I rarely to never can cough up mucous..

Cld20 I am guessing….mucus comes from inside lung and what is wanted….saliva is from mouth….not wanted…. so bronchoscopy sample of fluid is for sure from lungs…..and if I expectorate /cough up stuff first thing in morning…before drinking or eating….it is visibly thicker and usually lite yellow or green ……..versus saliva which is thin and clear. Tdrell

Hi Carolyn. Did they ever try a forced sputem test on you? That is where they have you inhale strong sodium chloride (strong saline) that irritates the lungs and causes deep coughing to bring up sputem from deep down? – Terri M.

No, they haven’t. Respiratory Therapy at a local hospital was going to try it but the RT’s said they’d NEVER had any success doing it. I am going to an Infectious Disease specialist at the University of Kentucky Medical Center at the end of August. Am hoping that folks there are more experienced with MAC/sputum inducement! After using the nebulizer for several weeks with a 3% saline solution twice/day, I am coughing more & getting a tiny bit of mucous up, hoping this accelerates!

Cid120 if l recall correctly at NJH the respiratory therapist had me start on back in bed and do inhalation therapy….thendo coughing…with the way they taught there…deep breathes thru nose…huff out 3 times and cough on last…. tdrell

@tdrell, So you literally do Inhaler (I use Albuterol 1-2 puffs 2x/daily), then Nebulizer laying on your back?
At Mayo, the book they gave me says to sit up straight, but I can certainly try that way.

Carolyn, @cld120, The saline may be too weak for you. I am on 7% strength that I do twice daily. It seems to be working. You can ask to have a stronger solution. Every time I go to the Mayo and need to give a sputem sample, they induce me with the 10% saline because I cannot cough anything up either. There was a time when I could, but now that I am better, there isn’t much phlegm.

Thank you so much, Terri @ windwalker!!
Very encouraging to hear!!

Carolyn, don’t forget, you can request a stronger solution of saline, like I said before, I am on the 7% strength. This saline treatment may not always make you cough up stuff, (mine doesn’t), but, it does make the mucous thinner and less desirable climate for bacteria to grow on.

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