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Terri Martin, Volunteer Mentor (@windwalker)

How is everybody doing?

MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Sep 20, 2017 | Replies (153)

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Do you feel if there was any MAC involved that there would be some type problem in the 24 hours sputum tests? Or…… could I have MAC and have short term tests negative????? Do you know that answer?

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There is no 24 test for MAC. It takes 6-8 weeks to grow. It is a slow growing bacteria. You are probably negative since you got your sputem cultures back three weeks ago.

It takes 6-8 weeks for MAC to grow from a sputem test. You got a negative result three weeks ago from a recent test.

I got a report only from the 12-24 hour testing…… as far as I know there was no culturing sent in for MAC

You can request that you get a TRUE 6 week MAC culture. Especially if it would ease your mind to know for sure.

It appeared each time that the culture was requested but….. nothing has ever come back and when I check with the lab, they have nothing. Do you know anything about what lung function percentage should be for an old lady 76 years old????

Jan, no, I do not know. Bear in mind, you are not a typical ‘old lady’, you have bronchiecstasis. That and asthma affect your lung function. My lung function is at 44% and I am 58 yrs old. My doctor said that if it does not drop any further; that I could live a long time like this. On the bright side, you are doing way better than I am!

You are encouraging — for sure. Thanks for all your help.

Windwalker and everyone….not sure how to post this so everyone will see…here goes…and for those not attending …l am planning on it…so a list of questions can be constructed for those unable to attend as was done for MAy 2017 woirkshop in Washington DC>
NJH will be doing it
“2017 NTM workshop Series for Patients and Families”
on October 21st 830am to 330pm in Denver on their campus….cost is $25 no doubt for snacks and lunch.
only that and registration sheet is on Nationaljewishhealth.org site…buried…no details yet but that will no doubt emerge. No doubt it too will be videod as were the 2015 and 2016 series.
tdrell terri d

Hi Terri. Oct 21, that is the same date as my 40th High School Union. Don’t have a question in mind right this minute, but will keep you in mind should one come up. Please remind us along the way up to that date that you are taking questions and will be our ‘go-between’. I wish I was going, I love going to those. Do you have questions of your own lined up yet? – the other Terri

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