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Hello @laurieann789, and welcome to Connect.

I would like to invite @joannedb, @mfell @gill @jfc4 @libbysmom, @rena42, @katethegreat and @mohavegal to this discussion as they have all discussed ovarian cancer in the past.

Laurie, are you currently undergoing any treatments for you cancer or diagnoses? How are you feeling?

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Hello Justin!
I am doing well.  I am on oxygen 24/7. I started dose dense Carboplatin and Taxol in March.  We added Avastin with the 3rd cycle.  I am starting my 8th cycle Wednesday.  My CA 125 is now down to 140.  I am on Eliquis for treatment of PE.  Inhalers and nebulizers.  I have had thoracentesis 3 times on the left, the last one on July 18th and once on the right.   I am looking at clinical trials. 
Thank you,
Laurie Ann

Hello, glad to be invited back. I was diagnosed in July 2015 with Stage 111C ovarian cancer. I had a radical hysterectomy and subsequently was given six, 6 hr. treatments of both Carboplatin and Taxol. I developed neuropathy in both my hands and feet. My feet were the worst. Was quite worried about my hands as I am a stitcher. However, after a period of time my hands improved enough that I could return to stitching as I could once again feel the needle. My feet seem to be getting somewhat better. I was never offered Avastin and was a tad upset about that. However, I have subsequently been put on Tamoxil. Will have an appointment on April 17th and see if it is helping. I was fine until October 2017 when my CA125 started rising again to 148 in December. Have not been offered anything with respect to clinical trials would be most interested in either Canada or the US. The type of ovarian cancer I have is Serrous (sp??). Just curious, what is Eliquis and what is PE. How can you find out about clinical trials for specific types of ovarian cancer and your type in particular. Thanking all in advance for any help and information.

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