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Don Gilmore (@donnieg)

Chronic Total Occlusion

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Up to 7 stents now. 6 in groin/legs and one in heart. I have a Gene mutation that makes my blood thicken. I’m on heavy doses of blood thinners. I’m alive and well. Blessed.

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Wow-Wowee! You are truly a “Bionic Woman” swimming the good fight of the DNA “Dice Roll” in your end of the “Gene Pool.” I am impressed with your positiveness, and great attitude regarding living with & around your malady.

Thank you. How about you?

@pamelaann1 – I synopsize myself as a “Sailor Technologist.” As I bang this out, I am cruising “Flat, Straight & Normal” at nearly 76½ trips around the sun, with three All-Expense Paid Government Tours over and in “Indo-China Garden Spots” logged in my BioCV. “I Have Flown Down In The Valley, Looked The Grim Reaper In The Eye & Made Him Blink First.” The Lord and my Warrior Brethren & Sistren have been very, very good to, smiled on, and continue to bless my beauteous wife and I.

As regards “Positiveness” and “Great Attitude,” I am there in spades…24/7/365.

In the Grand Scheme of Personal Health & Wellness, I received a most excellent DNA “Dice Roll,” and have lived the multiple-decades of my life via clean “Straight-Arrow” living, ala the “Okie From Muskogee” life model. My 1st Grade Chicago Catholic Grade School teacher, Sister Mary Agnes of the Sisters of Blessed Kunegunda “Penguins” Order, would be proud of me.

Knock on wood, I am in excellent health, but I am in “Old Health.” I “Donated My Ears & Hearing ” FLYING NAVY – NAVAL AVIATION. To date, all I have been afflicted with is BPH from living a testosterone-fueled life resulting in an Über Testosterone-Marinated Prostate, which one of Mayo Clinic MCF’s Top Uro-Docs “Fixed” via a 100% Successful, No Side-Effects TURP operation. My “Her Royal Nibs” bride of 55-years is similarly in excellent health, but is likewise in “Old Health.” We both consider ourselves very fortunate.

When I see folks here on Mayo Connect with multiple serious, and painful health problems, I am left a bit breathless to see them “Keep, Keep, Keeping On Truckin’.”

I am actively participating on Mayo Connect on the chance that “@Catgic’s 2¢ Worth” will be of value to someone visiting this http://www.site.

For The Record, I come highly recommended by Mayo Connect’s, @predictable. Quote @predictable, “You’re a hoot, @catgic!”

For the record @catgic I would add that your prose is almost as impenetrable on first reading as poetry. But the trouble is worth it. Stay at it! Martin

@predictable – This is because it is written interleaved with the De Catgician Code to make it a pseudo-intelligence test.