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Good Morning all.
I am happy to report that as of yesterday I am officially on the transplant list ! Now it is hurry up and wait.
Have to say, this is the only good news I have right now. I feel my condition has worsen this past few weeks.

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Good Morning, Dave. Thank you for sharing this. You are another step in the right direction. I will be thinking of you.

Your words ‘hurry up and wait’ are perfect! I am sorry that you are feeling worse, but unfortunately that is the way it works. Keep on with the positive thoughts. And take it one day at a time.
Dave, if your wife ever wants support or information as caregiver, tell her she is more than welcome here.

I am happy for you.

Thanks Rosemary, I sent my Wife your response to see if she would like to jump in. She has been a true blessing!

@davebarnes – So happy to hear that! It’s an odd thing to say congratulations for but I’m glad you are on the road to get what you need.


Hi Dave @davebarnes

That is good news – will pray that you will have symptom control and peace of mind during the “waiting period” and that your transplant is most successful!

What is the worst symptom you are experiencing now?


Good Morning Teresa,
I have two symptoms that rule my life. The first is lack of energy and a feeling of pain. The second is the negative thoughts that accompanies it. I go through a big pity-party and a feeling that my life is at or near the end. Unfortunately my Wife receives much of these thoughts. Sometimes I can take a pain pill and it goes away, but more often it doesn’t. I learned on Friday that while Mayo has authorized me being put on the list, my insurance company has not. This only helped my crappy thoughts over the weekend. Well, its a new week, I am at work and my Wife is flying in on Friday to see me. Something to look forward to.
Best wishes to you this week as well.

Hi Dave @davebarnes

Lack of energy and pain can certainly set any of us up for negative thoughts – and your reaction is certainly understandable. Are there any support groups for pre or post transplant patients.? It would probably be helpful to have some others to talk with.

I am sorry to hear that your insurance company is balking at your plans – how unfortunate. We will pray and hope that this problem resolves itself quickly!

Will you keep in touch with us?


@davebarnes, Hi Dave, I do hope that you get approval from your insurance company, soon. Waiting for a transplant is stressful enough already.

I found my best support came from my husband, and from my friends who were cancer survivors. I could talk to my cancer friends openly about difficult thoughts about life and fears of dying. They understand because they had the same thoughts and fears. My husband and I talked, and prayed often. We agreed that we would not hold back any thoughts, no matter how trivial or troubling they felt. We made a decision to ‘never cry alone’; we spent many moments holding onto each other and crying together.

Dave, it is hard to be positive when you are feeling so poorly. This is something for you to bring up with a transplant social worker.


@davebarnes – Not sure how you are managing going to work with your health. You should give yourself a pat on the back for that but make sure you still take care of yourself. I’m not sure how you do that. I wish I had an easy fix for you. I hope you have a rejuvenating visit with your wife. Keep up the communication as it is so important during a crisis but maybe try to set aside an evening (few hours over dinner maybe) where you don’t talk about your health. All the best!


@davebarnes – Is your insurance company waiting until your health gets worse? Are they looking for certain lab numbers before they make an approval? Is there some way you can resubmit your request or find out what their requirements are? I’m sure it must be hard to fight this so maybe you can authorize your wife to make some calls for you. Hoping you get some answers.


I don’t think my insurance company is waiting for anything, I am just being impatient. Being approved last Thursday by Mayo, I figure it will take a week or two for the insurance company. It is just that I thought they had already approved it. My condition causes me some real negative thoughts and was hopeful.. During this reply, my insurance company called me. I AM NOW APPROVED !!!!!!!!