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LINX procedure

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Hi @drrobertsmsmft,

We’re so glad you’ve joined us with your questions on Connect. I’m tagging @carolynlivingjaks and Mentor @kdubois as they may also have more information and insight about the LINX procedure.

I would like to invite @dandl48, @brie87144 @ryman, @lizwhite80 @jafd who all have discussed esophageal issues. While they may not share the same condition as you, they may have some similar experiences with regard to esophageal diagnoses.

Drroberts, may I ask what symptoms led to the diagnosis of esophagitis? Did you have trouble swallowing food?

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Replies to "Hi @drrobertsmsmft, We're so glad you've joined us with your questions on Connect. I'm tagging @carolynlivingjaks..."

I had an endoscopy/colonoscopy in January and it was diagnosed then. The procedure was my second in three years.

I also am not a candidate for the wrap since I had Barrett’s with high grade dysplasia. I am going to Mayo in Rochester in a few weeks for my 6 month visit (first time I went 6 mo.between visits). Have plans to ask my Dr.about the LINX procedure, but I think my hernia is too large. I’ve been on 80 MG of Nexium along with taking a Zantac at bedtime for a couple of years. Dr is watching my calcium levels since these meds can deplete calcium in my body. I do take D3 to help with this.

Hello @dandl48 I am glad to hear that you are taking the Vitamin D3 – that is a good measure given that you take Nexium, a PPI. We look forward to hearing from you after your appointment, we will be interested to hear if your doctor suggests any other treatments for you.